Thesis on agricultural technology management agency

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Among them Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is one of its kind where the farmer livelihood was improved through farmer oriented extension activities carried.

A Technologist in the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology, Faculty of Agriculture.

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He is in-charge of soil, water and plant laboratory He holds Degree in Analytical chemistry from the University of Nairobi besides other academic and professional qualifications.

The Agricultural Research and Extension Network is sponsored by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) The opinions expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect those of DFID.

We are happy for this material to be reproduced on a not-for-profit basis. krishikosh (कृषिकोश) thesis: agrotags: “impact of agricultural technology management agency (atma) on socioeconomic status of tribal farmers in surguja district of chhattisgarh” “impact of agricultural technology management agency (atma) on socioeconomic status of tribal farmers in surguja district of chhattisgarh”.

Agrekon, Vol 46, No 1 (March ) Ortmann & King 41 The objective of this paper is to present the history and theory of, and problems associated with, traditional agricultural cooperatives.

The present study was conducted in District Budgam of J & K state with the view to explore the technology transfer, its sustainability and the impact in terms of change in the knowledge, increase in adoption and constraints in adoption which helps to provide feedback to the stakeholders of the programme for its improvement.

Thesis on agricultural technology management agency
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