Influence and management of juvenility on rooting cuttings of woody plants essay

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Influence and Management of Juvenility on Rooting Cuttings of Woody Plants Essay Sample

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Inverted cutting with roots at physiological base and shoots at physiological top. When laid horizontally, roots develop at physiological base while shoots develop at the physiological top end of cutting. The environment which supports and facilitates rooting of cuttings has a profound influence on the success or failure of the establishment of a new plant.

Influence and Management of Juvenility on Rooting Cuttings of Woody Plants Essay Sample

The purpose of this chapter is to assess the types of variation in environment that are important. The intention is to focus on the entire.

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Influence and Management of Juvenility on Rooting Cuttings of Woody Plants Rooting ability in woody plants influenced by several factors for example genotype, age, position of the cutting on the tree donor, period.

The influence on rooting, axillary bud break and shoot growth of the cutting position on the stock plant and the stem length of leaf-bud cuttings were investigated in Schefflera arboricola Hayata.

For this reason, juvenility is a major influence on rooting of woody plants. In a number of species, juvenile tissue is the only one that can generate adventitious roots. Cuttings from juvenile plants have fewer of the thick lignified sclereids and fibers which make it easies for elongating root primodia while mature tissue contain sclerenchyma .

Influence and management of juvenility on rooting cuttings of woody plants essay
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